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Zombicide Custom Survivors Featured

We’ve added an option for you to subscribe to a newsletter that will send you an e-mail when we post new paintings. We’re not publishing so often so it’s an easy way to follow what we do =)   And please consider liking our Facebook page !   Thank you ❤ …

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Shadows of Brimstone


Shadows of Brimstone is the unlikely baby of the Cthuhu Mythos and the Deadwood TV Show. An exciting adventure where you put your boots and your sombrero on to fight tentacular horrors and often mutate beyond recognition. And it’s good, it’s real good. A Dungeon Crawler with no dungeon (but a mine …

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Relic – Nemesis


And more busts, this time for Nemesis, the expansion for Relic, a boardgame in which players get to be a Hero from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and embarque on adventures. The game is based on the Talisman system, a well-known Fantasy boardgame. The miniatures are pretty sweet.