Cthulhu Wars – Tcho-Tcho


Cthulhu Wars is full of unspeakable oversized miniatures. The Tcho-Tchos are the pink faction, and pink is glorious, so they naturally went under our brushes first. Fun fact, unlike most other factions, the Tcho-Tchos do not worship their Great Old One, Ubbo-Sathla, but rather use it to their own objectives.

1 Year of Painting


Well that’s actually a bit more than that, but “1 Year” makes for a more catchy title Life sort of got in the way of posting, though it did not so much got in the way of painting. There was some Kingdom Death: Monster involved : Some Kingdom Death: Monster …

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Kingdom Death

Faces KD featured

Since it seems painting (and collecting, and playing) Kingdom Death is becoming a more and more important part of our hobby, it seemed unavoidable to have a dedicated page about it. So here is a page with a list of all Kingdom Death miniatures available, and when available, a picture …

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