Zombicide is a highly popular zombie boardgame crowdfunded with Kickstarter. It features geek-references Survivors trying to make it through a zombie-infested board.

Crowd of look-alike zombies would be a little dull. So we’ve green-stuffed most of the zombies to give them unique features, making them recognizable clichés. The whole lot has been painted with clear black strokes to mimic a comic-book style.

The Survivors :

Abominations & Fatties :

Runners :

Walkers :

Custom Survivors :

For our couple anniversary, I designed Zombicide versions of ourselves.
Quite a challenge to compose images that would look like us, wear clothes we actually own, and find fitting miniatures that goes with the whole !
A bit of Photoshop, some greenstuff, miniatures from Hasslefree… and here we go !

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