Dreadball Carry Cases Custom Inlays

Half of the fun with Dreadball is creating your unique team, its name, logo… And what better way to store it than a custom inlay displaying its colours ?

So hre’s a fully customizable Carry Cases Inlay for your Dreadball teams that will fit both the Kickstarter Cases AND the Large Cases of the Mantic store. You will find a pre-built inlay for each of the 12 vanilla teams and MVPs… but also options to customize it for your own teams : name, logo, player picture and even colours.

The vanilla inlays look like this :

What we did for our own teams :

You will need Photoshop or GIMP (that one is free), and here you can Download the Photoshop file or here Download the GIMP file. You will find a little How-To-Use when you open the file.

Some design bits have been taken from the awesome Reference Cards created by Geoff Burbidge, used with permission !

Finally, because they aren’t that easy to find, here are all the official logos of Dreadball teams for whatever use you may need them.

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