Kingdom Death : Pinups of Death

Kingdom Death is pretty much the best you can find regarding quality of casting and attention to details in a miniature. You may not like their style – and by style I mean busty women, often busty monsters, or even monsters made of busts (and by busts I mean boobs), penis-shapes everywhere, appendices in all the wrong places, all combined for a disturbing visual experience – but whether you like that kind of stuff or not you ought to be impressed with what they do.

The “Pinups of Death” box features 8 Pinups with appendices all in the right places.

Without a doubt the finest miniatures we had the chance to lay a brush on. We were very impressed with their quality and pretty eager to make our best trying to make them look good.

We’re very happy with how they turned out. It’s been a learning experience with a LOT of different things to do ; different skin tones, feathers, metal, clothes, tiny eyes, lights, tattoos, leather, transparency, freckling, a bit of freehands…

The models are 35mm scale in hard plastic.



  1. Wehre can I get these miniatures? <3 *_*

  2. Hi Kim !

    They’re the “Pinups of Death” collection by Kingdom Death. You can purchase all of them on their shop right here : (while they last).

    They’re hard plastic and they’re truly gorgeous, the details are very crisp.

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