Deadzone is a futuristic skirmish game funded with Kickstarter, sharing the same universe than Dreadball.

A few months back, I painted this single Marauder Mawbeast (a cute dog carrying a bomb, with a chainsaw instead of a tongue), eager to give that sci-fi beast the full rainbow-treatment – as I stated before, in my vision of the future, disgusting colours will be the new black. And so did I for a result somewhat like My Little Pony carrying a bomb. Well, that’s actually a very accurate description.

Though, when I finally decided to paint the rest of the Marauder forces, I sat with perplexity looking at what I did, wondering how the heck would I paint the full faction with colours that would match the Mawbeast. I danced around the idea of re-painting the mane in something more sober than pink. But then I decided that would be the coward thing to do, and there had to be, somewhere in this world, a combination of pink, purple, gold, red stripes, green lights and vibrant blue that goes well together. It wasn’t an easy quest, but by letting the shameless part of your artistic vision express itself, everything is possible (and everything is awesome).
I’m happy to introduce into the Deadzone, the Marauders by Jean Paul Gaultier (© Matt Gilbert).

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