Deadzone Missing Cards

Those of you who took part in the Deadzone Kickstarter, these may interest you.

During the second survey, new models were made available. But physical cards were never released for them.

That’s the kind of things that typically hurts your OCD. Whaaat, models with no cards ? Nope nope nope, I got to see my therapist. But fear no more !

I’ve prepared ready-to-print cards that you can import on Printer Studio and print on Poker size cards.

There’s a card for :
– Asterian Pulse Bombard
– Forge Father Urban Demolisher
– Plague Enforcer with Experimental Weapon
– Marauder with Claw
– Marauder with HMG
– Marauder with Ripper Talons
– Rebs Sorak Brethren

And one for the Enforcer Sentry, made by Geoff Burbidge.

You can download a .rar files containg all the Fronts and Backs right here.

Then all you need to do is go to, find the “Playing Cards and Puzzle” section, choose “Poker Custom Cards (Blank Cards)”, select the size of your deck, click “personalize it” and follow the instructions to import the images. They’re meant to fit the Poker Size template of Printer Studio.

Enjoy !

Update : and this is the final product once printed. The quality is excellent, the size is a perfect fit. The colours are slightly different, but I’m really happy with it !

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