Tzolk’in & 3D Temples

We start to know the details of Tzolk’in pretty well – it’s the 4th time we’re painting it (see previous ones here). Though this time there was a very lovely addition in the form of 3D printed temples and center piece for the main wheel.

Those delightful pieces were 3D sculpted by Roolz, a fellow boardgamer that you may see on Tric-Trac or Boardgamegeek. If you’re interested in those you can check his Shapeways creations, and then have them printed ! He’s made a bunch of equally great things for other games such as Mice & Mystics, Cthulhu Wars, Pandemic…

And here is yet another version of Tzolk’in, a darker theme this time :


  1. I would pay good money for any of those lovely Tzolk’in wheels. Please let me know if they’re ever available!

  2. Hi

    I’d love to buy a set of the temples. Can you make, paint and sell them? If so how much?


  3. Cesar Deitos Alves

    These 3D temples and wheels are still available for purchase? Do you send it to Brazil?

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