Mice & Mystics & Downwood Tales

The Downwood Tales expansion brings a lot of new equally adorable heroes and minions to the already abundantly cute world of Mice & Mystics. Frogs, fairies, newt, a shrew and more for your painting and gaming pleasure.

Here we had another chance at painting a lot of Mice & Mystics, pretty much everything except the two miniatures from Heart of Glorm.

Heroes and main villains :

Minions :

This was our third effort on this game, and you may see the first two here if you care.

Those mice were actually destined to be featured at the 2015 Plaid Hat Games GenCon booth :


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  2. Awesome work. Just out of curiousity, How much would it cost to get you to paint a full set of M&M figures? I live in Denmark, and will of course send you the figures, and pay for the shipping as well…

    Best regards


  3. I forgot to mention…

    I can be found on Board game geek under the name Murphorama, and I’ll be happy if you’d PM me there or reply via mail.
    Thanks again

  4. I haven’t got anything from you yet 🙁

  5. Well if the e-mail didn’t worked, I’m gonna try a BGG message 😉

  6. I recently sent you guys an email inquiring about a painting commission for a full set of Mice and Mystics figures along with the other 2 expansion figures… Not sure if you’ve seen it, but are you guys still offering that as a service?

  7. Hi! I am also interested in knowing what it’d cost to have a full set of Mice and the minions painted and shipped back to Denmark (just like Kim).
    You can also find me on BGG under the username Naizea.

  8. Hi guys,

    as already said: Really nice work!

    Would you mind to tell me how you painted the wings of the faeries? Some hints on the coloring or a video tutorial would be awesome!



    • Hi Adrien, and thank you,

      the wings were painted with metallic paint (a light one) and then a mix of the same metallic with light green, and another mix with pink. Those were applied well diluted like a wash in some selected recesses, and sometimes mixed together directly on the wing, in the fresh.

      Finally a few white highlights on the wings.

      Hope it helps 😉

  9. Thanks so much! This is soooooo AWESOME! 😀

  10. Super boulot !!!
    Le rendu sur chaque figurine est vraiment extra. Lilly est juste magnifique.

    Je compte bientôt peindre mes figurines M&M. Je pense m’inspirer de votre palette de couleurs. Quelle couleur de base utilisez-vous pour le manteau de Filch, et pour la fourrure de Maginos ?
    Et si ce n’est pas trop indiscret, comment obtenez-vous un tel résultat sur la fourrure de Lilly ?

    Encore bravo,

  11. Hi! I saw your paint jobs and wondered how much it would cost to get one of the frog minions, unpainted if possible? Let me know! Thanks!

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