KD Magnetized Lion Armor Kit

So, to explain things a little, in Kingdom Death: Monster, your Survivors can build and equip like, lots of stuff. Furthermore, every stuff they can equip also exists in plastic. So, you can actually build miniatures that precisely depict your Survivors with their actual gear.

That’s all very cool, though you change of equipment a lot during the game. So, how are your miniatures to follow ?

It’s been so long since we started this project. Actually bought the magnets for this around Christmas 2016… even though we did other stuff in between, it’s nice to call it done !
Deciding to change the colours of certain parts midway into the project certainly didn’t help the timeline, but we’ll plan better for the next kit.

There’s no magnets in the back or the flank of the Survivors, but weapons and accessories do get enough magnetic field to hold well on those positions. Which is cool since we didn’t want to add magnets that woud not be covered at all times.

Now, to think of a convenient storage way.

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