End of 2021

So. I DID NOT do better at positing stuff as they were painted last year.

But, here’s everything at once. As usual, it’s all Kingdom Death… BUT 2022 should see us paint other things !! I’m finishing some Cthulhu Wars and plan on painting some Super Fantasy Brawl after that.


Ammo Slave

Pinup Storm Knight Armor

A few Death High (Disciple of the Witch, Savior and Ringtail Vixen)

Oktoberfest Aya, both 52mm and 34mm

Halloween stuff (Halloween Survivors, and Halloween Twilight Knight)

The Worshipers of the Storm couple

Valentine’s Twilight Knight and its smaller lady friend


Malcontent Survivor

Scifi Flower Knight

Echoes of Death 2 (Archer, Bard, Cleric & Gladiator)

Aaaand the Swashbuckler

That’s all for now !

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