New desk, new photos, new partners, new stuff.

Hi folks. It’s been a while since we last spoke a bit about us.

It’s now 13 years since our painting journey began. We’re over 2400 painted pieces. Since then, we moved house 3 times, got a child, and both changed of profession – Steicy is a full time painter now.

We’re gonna talk a little about brands but are in no way affiliated nor did we received free products from anyone or anything. Basically, we speak from our own free will about stuff we bought and enjoy 😂

We recently moved house and took the opportunity to have a dedicated room for painting. It’s very sunny, got enough space for a new desk, so the desk itself is enhanced too with more modules for the rather awesome modular painting station from Hobbyzone.

Now that’s a very satisfying view =) So organized !

For the curious, the blue and orange boxes are Wet Palettes from Redgrass, and after years of Home Made wet palettes, that was quite the upgrade. Very effective at keeping paint fresh !

And the lamp is from Neatfi, large enough to light the desk for 2… Or even 3 people !

Yep ! That’s our little one’s painting.

Actually and equally satisfying than a painting room, there’s a dedicated gaming room next to the painting room.

So many empty shelves for upcoming games ! 🤩

Our most beloved games include Cthulhu Wars, Shadows of Brimstone, Kingdom Death.

I also have a very soft spot for Root and Feudum, but they’re not seeing as much table time as they’re deserving. Recently, we’ve been all about Age of Innovation. Such a wonderful addition to the Terra Mystica system. The replayability is off the charts.

While becoming parents 5 years ago certainly left us with less time for boardgaming, it’s slowly coming back and the little one is proving to be a worthy 3rd player.

Now, we were until recently taking our painting photos with an old camera. It was a pretty long process for average results, and I was delighted to see that (finally) changing phone allowed me to took pictures directly with it, and the result is so much better.

We also dived in a little in Kimera products, both paints and brushes, and they’re rather awesome.

We’ll have to see in the long run, but so far so good !
While the Kimera paint range was originally all about mixing your own colours, there’s now more and more pre-mixed bottles. Still wonderfully saturated !

Last but not least, Steicy recently started painting with Piktores Studio, a painting studio located in Montpellier where we used to live.

She’s surrounded by young lads, with Jean among them, whom we used to know from his days at Games Workshop, where we purchased our first Citadel bottles.

It’s certainly gonna be a change from our usual Kingdom Death commissions, and a lot more Games Workshop is to be expected !

So, that’s all for now. See you next time for all the stuff we painted so far in 2024.


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