Dreadball is a futuristic sports game. As I like to think, the future will be all flashy and ridiculous colors will be the new black. Hence our colorful take on most of the teams. A bit of customization on some teams, and magnetization between the bases and players.
All identical players are re-positioned so none would look alike.

Dreadball was also the occasion of our very first publication thanks to the awesomeness of Mantic, who liked our teams and proposed us to have them featured in the Season 3 Rulebook. So they flew to Nottingham and made a little caméo !

Season 1 teams :
Corporation :

Marauders :

Veermyn :

Forge Fathers :

Season 2 teams :
Female Corp :

Zzor :

Judwan :

Robots :

Season 3 teams :

Zees :

MVPs (star players) :


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