Kingdom Death Expansions

It took us a good while to complete that project, but we finally finished a full Kingdom Death including all (current) expansions in the monochrome style we already did previously.

Dragon King :

Dung Beetle Knight :

Flower Knight :

Gorm :

Lion God :

Lion Knight :

Manhunter :

Lonely Tree :

Slenderman :

Spidicules :

Sunstalker :

And for the main game…

Kingsman :

Phoenix & Screaming Antelope :

Butcher :

The Hand :

Watcher & White Lion :

And finally the 4 Starting Survivors, along with Survivors from the Unarmored Kit, made in a more “white” fashion, so that 2 players can play different Survivors and easily know which ones are their own.



  1. Hey there,

    Really marvelous work on the monochrome work.
    I was wondering if it was less work than doing “regular” color ?

    And in the end what I meant, is how much would it cost for such a comission?
    I can only imagine it takes a tone of time to do.


  2. Hi.

    I have seen your painting work on Kingdom Death, and i must say its some of the best i have ever seen. I love the monochrome approach as it really goes well with the theme. So i would like to ask what the cost would be on a set of Kingdom Death 1.5 + a few expansions would be?

    Best regards Rasmus

  3. Hi,
    I wonder if you still take commission. I am really be interested in your monochrome approach. I have will have a core set and most of the first expansion.

    Salut, je ne sais pas si vous prenez encore des soummisions. Je vis au Québec et parle français.


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