Kingdom Death: Monster

Saying Kingdom Death was an awaited game sounds like a big euphemism. The Kickstarter started in November 2012, so about 3 years before the game actually started shipping. But it was time well spent, and the amount of dedication and love that has been put into the game is showing in every aspect of it.

Starting with the quality of the miniatures. The plastic is incredible, without a doubt among the best in the industry, if not the very best.

The dark vibe of the game called for a special painting treatment, and monochrome with sparse colours here and there sounded like a tempting approach. The Survivors only source of colour comes from the lantern they carry around to pierce the darkness.

Here’s the content of the base game, minus the armour kits.

Survivors – Lucy & Zachary

Survivors – Allister & Erza

Survivors – Intimacy Couple

Monsters – White Lion

Monsters – Screaming Antelope

Monsters – The Butcher

Monsters – The Hand

Monsters – Kingsman

Monsters – The Watcher

Monsters – Phoenix

Allister’s Life

1.5 Update – Gold Smoke Knight

If you are interested in doing something similar we’ve put together some guidelines about the process.


  1. Awesome painting material here. I love the dark theme. It looks awesome. Sure love to paint mine this way. .)

  2. Hey!
    I really dig this look – could you give some pointers to someone, like myself, who’d like to replicate the effect? What paint colors did you use? Was it black primer + black base + white highlights and some grey shades? How did you achieve the illumination look?
    I would very much appreciate if you could elaborate 🙂

  3. Thanks, much appreciated!
    It looks like I need to invest in an airbrush 😉

  4. Hey, would it be possible to get such effect using only brush? (not airbrush)

    • Hello,
      It’s always possible. It’s a lot more work to get a good OSL with a regular brush, but done well it can be very satisfying and even better looking. It just requires a certain level of painting.
      PS : sorry for the late answer !

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