Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows-of-Brimstone-FeaturedShadows of Brimstone is the unlikely baby of the Cthuhu Mythos and the Deadwood TV Show. An exciting adventure where you put your boots and your sombrero on to fight tentacular horrors and often mutate beyond recognition.
And it’s good, it’s real good. A Dungeon Crawler with no dungeon (but a mine that will do just fine) and gates to other worlds including but not limited to ; an erupting volcano, a swamp, an ancient city of technological wonder, an abandoned space ship… and many more to come.
Even though a lot of the content (funded with Kickstarter) is yet to be released, what is currently available is already abundant in variety and fun. If you like adventures, story-telling driven games, chewing tobacco and carrying a light-saber at your belt along with your western revolver, you should consider playing Shadows of Brimstone.

The miniatures certainly are cool to paint.

The Heroes :

The big bosses :

The monsters :

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