Kingdom Death: Monster

It’s been a long ongoing painting project, but finally our own Kingdom Death: Monster is done. We had already done a couple of monochromatic versions (and expansions) for other people, and while it fits the theme and dark vibe of the game, we wanted to try a fully coloured set.

To avoid to dilute the frightening atmosphere of the game with colours, we tried to keep them “weird” for the monsters : adding green in the metallics, blue in the Lion mane… For the Survivors, we tried to represent the darkness surrounding them, and their single source of light, the lanterns.

Now, to continue with the armor kits…

The Watcher :

White Lion

The Butcher :

Kingsman :

The Hand :

Phoenix :

Screaming Antelope :

Allister & Lucy :

Zachary & Erza :

Intimacy Couple :

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