Cthulhu Wars – Yellow Sign

That’s a third Cthulhu Wars faction fully coloured ! Hurray. The Tcho-Tchos were painted in 2018, the Sleeper in 2019, and the Yellow Sign in 2022. BUT there’s a twist : the first Great Old One of the Yellow Sign was actually painted by Steicy in… 2015 ! It only took 7 years for the faction to be finished.

Contrary to the other factions, we did NOT took reference pictures of the colours used to paint Hastur in 2015. Recreating the colour scheme was much more difficult, and I feel the whole faction is overall a little less coherent than the 2 others. Still calling it done !

I started painting the second Great Old One of the faction, the Yellow King. The yellows are not an exact match, though Hastur was slightly altered to make them a little more alike.

The Undead and Byakhees were the next in line. They underwent a lot of redoing. Overall, I think the faction lingered on the painting desk for the best part of the year, since I had a hard time feeling satisfied with it. The Byakhees are the one I struggled the most with. They feel a little unfinished even though I like their luminescent larva bodies.

The Acolytes were a challenging sculpt, with pretty unpleasant mold lines. But I actually like the final result.

The idea for the custom portal of the faction was completely taken from the talented Anthony Stockseth :

The rest of the faction :

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  1. Interested in having my factions painted. I need a cost, a time to return, and shipping there and back from Akron, Ohio.

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