Cthulhu Wars – The Sleeper

So, apparently I never shared this faction (on this website anyway) that was actually painted in 2019. Well, since they were updated exactly like the Tcho-Tchos, that’s a good time to share !

Since I went full flashy pink with the Tcho-Tchos, I thought I’d tone things down a bit with the next faction.

I like to start with the Great Old One of a faction, whom will dictate the whole color scheme for the rest of it. Here, Tsathoggua is mainly brown with bits of orange and purple.

Tsathoggua is an underground creature, often depicted with bats and toad attributes. That was the basis for the custom portal of the faction (a pity I did not find a toad miniature in our pile of shame !) :

Here’s the rest of the family :

The formless Spawns are heavily inspired by the excellent painting of Paul Nojima. Out of the lot, I’m pretty happy with the Wizard outcome, since it’s a pretty awkward miniature. The Serpentmen are pretty cool to begin with.

And everything in a single photo !

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