End of 2021


So. I DID NOT do better at positing stuff as they were painted last year. But, here’s everything at once. As usual, it’s all Kingdom Death… BUT 2022 should see us paint other things !! I’m finishing some Cthulhu Wars and plan on painting some Super Fantasy Brawl after that. …

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KD – Allison


Allison is another Twilight Knight, just like our last post ! All in all, there’s a lot of Twilght Knight version in the Kingdom Death universe : classic, pinup, sci-fi… This one is a “reverse pinup”. That’s a thing.

Kingdom Death – Fade


Fade is one of those Kingdom Death releases including game content. The baby she’s holding is an actual item you can carry in-game. To discover what she does, you’ll have to play ! Anyway, a newborn is not a theme you see everyday in a miniature.