Deadzone Missing Cards


Those of you who took part in the Deadzone Kickstarter, these may interest you. During the second survey, new models were made available. But physical cards were never released for them. That’s the kind of things that typically hurts your OCD. Whaaat, models with no cards ? Nope nope nope, I …

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A small project that is a bit different from what we’re used to do. Even though the elephants are what one may call a real miniature, the small villas for the boardgame Bombay are, at the end of they, mere game pieces. We went for a simple take to have …

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Alkemy is a skirmish miniature game featuring interesting fantasy factions, like medieval treemen fighting arabian catmen. Cast in resin, those 32mm miniatures are pretty cool. The game also features chinese triad or frog people, all involved in the alchemical war. Here are some treemen and regular men: Here are some feline stuff, …

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Sedition Wars


While we own a Sedition Wars copy of our own, it remained so far only assembled on a shelve. We had to be asked to paint a few Vanguard models (valiant space troopers fighting nano-tech horrors) to realize just how great those minis are. It’s not a surprise when you …

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