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KD – Black Friday Ninja

It’s Black Friday time ! And here’s the Black Friday Ninja from Kingdom Death.

KD – Allison

Allison is another Twilight Knight, just like our last post ! All in all, there’s a lot of Twilght Knight version in the Kingdom Death universe : classic, pinup, sci-fi… This one is a “reverse pinup”. That’s a thing.

KD – Pinup Order Knight

In the Kingdom Death universe, an Order Knight is like a super Twilight Knight. And this is the pinup version, because of reasons.

Kingdom Death – Fade

Fade is one of those Kingdom Death releases including game content. The baby she’s holding is an actual item you can carry in-game. To discover what she does, you’ll have to play ! Anyway, a newborn is not a theme you see everyday in a miniature.

Kingdom Death – Percival

Here’s a Kingdom Death take on a classic character – Percival. Interestingly enough, there’s no twisted angle involving lots of hands, but a mere sex switch. Percival the lady knight, in her plastic incarnation :

KD – Before & Beyond the Wall

Yet another batch of miniatures with promo content for Kingdom Death: Monster, but this time set in the canon world of KD. They picture a little story involving the same character. The first to be published was “Beyond” the Wall, and later came “Before” the Wall. Before the Wall : Beyond...

KD – Sci-fi Ladies

Another couple of promotional miniatures from Kingdom Death, this time in a sci-fi setting. The White Speaker : The Twilight Knight : A group shot :  

KD – Detective Twilight Knight

Here’s another promotional miniature from Kingdom Death. Released in on of the “White boxes” that add gameplay elements to the game while remaining promotional material. The detective Twilight Knight :

KD – First Kickstarter Promos

Here’s a weird bunch of Kingdom Death miniatures. Those are promo survivors homaging other characters. Messenger of the Spiral Path : Messenger of the First Story : Messenger of Courage : Kara Black :

KD – Pinup Easter Aya

Here’s a seasonal couple of Pinups in the spirit of Easter. One if 35mm, while her sitting on eggs companion is 52mm.

KD – Primal Huntress Bust

Here’s the first Kingdom Death adventure into the Bust world ! The Primal Huntress.

KD – Flower Witch

The Flower Witch is an axquisite and delicate model from Kingdom Death. Here we had the chance to (re) paint it not once, but twice ! There’s a good witch, and a bad witch. It should be easy to tell them apart.

KD – 54mm Pinups

What’s better than Kingdom Death miniatures ? 54mm Kingdom Death miniatures. Here’s a few of them. Dragon Sacrifice Pinup : Twilight Knight Pinup : Preacher Pinup : White Speaker Pinup : And a little group shot :

Kingdom Death – Dark Paladin

After the recent Valkyrie, another “Generic” miniature from the Kingdom Death series. A much darker one in tone : the Dark Paladin.

Kingdom Death – Christmas Pinups

Merry Christmas a little late. To celebrate, 2 merry Kingdom Death miniatures. Xmaxe Pinup : Christmas Nico :  

Kingdom Death – Valkyrie

The “Generic” line of Kingdom Death may sound a bit antithematic (they explore well known archetypes, hence the “generic” name), but there’s plenty of very interesting miniatures coming from it. The Valkyrie is one of them.

KD – Disciple of the Witch #1

Today, let’s see the last of the Disciples of the Witch : number 1 !

KD – Echoes of Death

Happy New Year everyone ! We’ve been running a little late, with the holidays and all, to update the website as stuff gets painted, but I’d like to not let it drag a whole year again ! So let’s start getting up to date, starting with Echoes of Death, from...

Cthulhu Wars – Tcho-Tcho

Cthulhu Wars is full of unspeakable oversized miniatures. The Tcho-Tchos are the pink faction, and pink is glorious, so they naturally went under our brushes first. Fun fact, unlike most other factions, the Tcho-Tchos do not worship their Great Old One, Ubbo-Sathla, but rather use it to their own objectives.

1 Year of Painting

Well that’s actually a bit more than that, but “1 Year” makes for a more catchy title Life sort of got in the way of posting, though it did not so much got in the way of painting. There was some Kingdom Death: Monster involved : Some Kingdom Death: Monster...

Kingdom Death – Gorm Survivors

Of all the living things in the Kingdom Death universe you can craft clothes from, baby-face-vagina-throat Gorm ain’t likely to be my first choice. But hey, to each his own. These 2 fancy survivors carved themselves of piece of that monster.

Thrud the Barbarian !

He has the strength of a rhinoceros, the speed of a jungle cat, and the intelligence of a garden snail.

Kingdom Death Prologue

And yet another take on the now very familiars Kingdom Death original Survivors. And of course, the cute little lion destined to behead them all <3

KD Magnetized Lion Armor Kit

So, to explain things a little, in Kingdom Death: Monster, your Survivors can build and equip like, lots of stuff. Furthermore, every stuff they can equip also exists in plastic. So, you can actually build miniatures that precisely depict your Survivors with their actual gear.That’s all very cool, though you...

Gustav by Siren Miniatures

I have a feeling Gustav is someone you don’t want to mess with.

Kingdom Death – Ranger

Another Kingdom Death lady from the “Generic classes” line. It’s nice to see a bow with an actual string !

Kingdom Death – Samurai

Another quite dynamic model from Kingdom Death, featuring a Samurai midway to release her blade from her scabbard. Her position here actually looks like the scabbard is falling while the blade is being lifted.

Kingdom Death – Necromancer

A very intricate and lovely miniature from Kingdom Death. Almost as lovely as her backstory. Hint : the hand is her former lover. Lovely in a KD way.

Kingdom Death – Gladiator

A recent Kingdom Death miniatures from the “Generic” line, featuring a KD take on well-knows fantasy archetypes. So apparently Gladiator + Kingdom Death = penis flail. I guess it was expected.

Kingdom Death – Savior – 40 years

The Savior models are amongst my favourite of the Kingdom Death line. Depicting a Savior during various ages of her life.

Kingdom Death – Archivist

A Kingdom Death model that we don’t see so often.

Pirates – Black Scorpion

Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me… Here are some pirates for a change ! From Black Scorpion Miniatures. 12►

Kingdom Death – Flower Knight

“In the heart of the forest dwells a delicate gardener who appreciates solitude over all things.” He’s the Flower Knight – By Kingdom Death.

Kingdom Death – Dark Elf Variant

The Variant line from Kingdom Death feature classic Kingdom Death miniatures, but in a less clothed way. It’s a fine line between the Pinups line and this one, but the difference is still there !  

Kingdom Death – Various minis

I guess at some point we shall have to rename our website “Kingdom Death Painting” ? Anyway, here’s moar of it. These are various KD minis, all resin models, painted with cool factor in mind rather than realism or dark atmosphere. Fighter Mage Lion Knight 1st Black Knight Squire Cleric...

Kingdom Death: Monster

It’s been a long ongoing painting project, but finally our own Kingdom Death: Monster is done. We had already done a couple of monochromatic versions (and expansions) for other people, and while it fits the theme and dark vibe of the game, we wanted to try a fully coloured set....

Arcadia Quest – Pets

Feels like it’s been a while since we posted anything not-Kingdom-Death-related. Here is for a strong change of tone, PETS for Arcadia Quest !

Kingdom Death – Black Friday Ninja

A sneaky Ninja that made a brief and unexpected appearance during a Black Friday sale from Kingdom Death. Always a fun time painting Kingdom Death stuff going outside the usual style of the world.

Kingdom Death – Pinups of Death

Another take at this lovely collection of Pinups from Kingdom Death. All pieces are hard plastic, and the lot comes with a Settlement Event to use in Kingdom Death: Monster. Otherwise, a little reminder that those ladies are non-canon to the game, they are meant as Pinups and are dressed...

Kingdom Death Expansions

It took us a good while to complete that project, but we finally finished a full Kingdom Death including all (current) expansions in the monochrome style we already did previously. Dragon King : Dung Beetle Knight : Flower Knight : Gorm : Lion God : Lion Knight : Manhunter :...

KD – Pinup Warrior of the Sun

Pinup Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death. Nope, our phones do not take very good pictures.

Kingdom Death – Xmaxe Special 2

Another colour scheme – still christmasy of course ! – for the Kingdom Death Xmas Special.

Kingdom Death – Halloween Pinup 2

And a second take (quite similar really) to the Kingdom Death Halloween Twilight Knight Pinup.

KD – Pinup Nightmare Ram

A playful Kingdom Death Pinup, variation around the awesome Nightmare Ram monster. The first miniature we come across with glasses that actually allow to paint eyes under them !

Kingdom Death – Xmaxe Special

The second Seasonal Pinup from Kingdom Death, after the Halloween one (will we see Easter Bunny next ? Valentine’s Day ?). A 54mm model with an uncommon composition. Featuring the Twilight Knight apparently fighting a Mimic Christmas Sack ? Sounds about right.

Kingdom Death – Distracted

This probably deserves a NSFW tag somewhere. Even though it features nudity, that Kingdom Death (who else ?) model is arguably classier than the Pinups of the range (Pinups that we do really love, they’re just a different thing). One could call it artistic nudity Probably the most delicate model...

Kingdom Death – Snow the Savior

A childish and colourful character wandering in the terrible world of Kingdom Death – like, you know, just the name of the Kingdom should be a hint it’s not a place where to wear a pink cloak. The Saviors are enpowered by their dreams, hence the idea of drawing a...

Tail Feathers

Expanding the cutey world of Mice & Mystics, featuring mice battling bugs and others rats, comes Tail Feathers, or X-Wings meets Mice & Mystics. Featuring Mice, Birds, but more importantly MICE ON BIRDS. That’s right, and about the only thing that could top the already overload cuteness factor of Mice...

Kingdom Death – Kickstarter Pinups

During the Kingdom Death Kickstarter, there were a number of Pinups available. While they have no game purpose, they are still Kingdom Death minis, meaning delicate and excellent models. But nuff said, a picture is worth a thousand boobs. Wait. Pinups : Phoenix Dancer : Regeneration Suit : Lioness :...

Relic – Halls of Terra

Halls of Terra is an expansion for Relic, introducing 3 new characters and a new Nemesis. Lovely little busts once again.

Kingdom Death – Halloween Pinup

The Twilight Knight is the most iconic character from the Kindom Death range. She’s taken many forms : Pinup, Reverse Pinup, Christmas Special, crossovers with various games… here’s her Halloween incarnation ! Quite traditionnally with Kingdom Death, she’s a generously curvy female character.  

Kingdom Death – Flower Witch

Another lovely models from the masters of resin : Kingdom Death. It’s not something often had the chance to do but we were happy to work on the base. A craft we’ll definitely continue to learn !

Kingdom Death: Monster

Saying Kingdom Death was an awaited game sounds like a big euphemism. The Kickstarter started in November 2012, so about 3 years before the game actually started shipping. But it was time well spent, and the amount of dedication and love that has been put into the game is showing...

Space Hulk

When Space Hulk 4th Edition came out, it was an unexpected occasion to get our hands on those classic miniatures. It took us a while, putting paint on Space Marines here and there, but it’s finally done. The casting quality is outstanding. A level of details rarely matched – Kingdom Death would be the...

Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone is the unlikely baby of the Cthuhu Mythos and the Deadwood TV Show. An exciting adventure where you put your boots and your sombrero on to fight tentacular horrors and often mutate beyond recognition. And it’s good, it’s real good. A Dungeon Crawler with no dungeon (but a mine...

Kingdom Death Crossover

This dame is born from the merging of two worlds, Wrath of Kings and Kingdom Death (hence becoming the infamous Wrath of Kingdom Death, which doesn’t sound very good). The Twilight Knight is an iconic character from Kingdom Death, already having a fair number of incarnations, including other crossovers in...

Mice & Mystics & Downwood Tales

The Downwood Tales expansion brings a lot of new equally adorable heroes and minions to the already abundantly cute world of Mice & Mystics. Frogs, fairies, newt, a shrew and more for your painting and gaming pleasure. Here we had another chance at painting a lot of Mice & Mystics,...

Blood Bowl – Silvania Team

While we’re more Dreadball players, this Blood Bowl team certainly has a lot of personality. Lots of skin too ! I’m not sure if certain players are actually playing the game or just trying to unsettle the opponent team.

Tzolk’in & 3D Temples

We start to know the details of Tzolk’in pretty well – it’s the 4th time we’re painting it (see previous ones here). Though this time there was a very lovely addition in the form of 3D printed temples and center piece for the main wheel. Those delightful pieces were 3D...

Relic – Nemesis

And more busts, this time for Nemesis, the expansion for Relic, a boardgame in which players get to be a Hero from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and embarque on adventures. The game is based on the Talisman system, a well-known Fantasy boardgame. The miniatures are pretty sweet.

New Dawn

A few busts for New Dawn. Taking place in the Among the Stars universe, players get to explore and revive a galactic sector, by developing various technologies and dispatching ambassadors. The sculpts aren’t the crispest you could hope for, for their original look make it up for it.

Warhammer Arlequin

It’s not everyday we lay a brush on a Games Workshop miniature – but they do look good. Here’s a little Arlequin, a miniature that deserves, nay, demands bright colours.

Rivet Wars Expansions

Completing our previous effort on the first wave of Rivet Wars, the start of 2015 was devoted to the multiples expansions, new heroes and reinforcements for this (very cute) game. Still a very refreshing style, still a lot of pop culture references, and actually a lot of historical references too...


A small project that is a bit different from what we’re used to do. Even though the elephants are what one may call a real miniature, the small villas for the boardgame Bombay are, at the end of they, mere game pieces. We went for a simple take to have...


Alkemy is a skirmish miniature game featuring interesting fantasy factions, like medieval treemen fighting arabian catmen. Cast in resin, those 32mm miniatures are pretty cool. The game also features chinese triad or frog people, all involved in the alchemical war. Here are some treemen and regular men: Here are some feline stuff,...

Sedition Wars

While we own a Sedition Wars copy of our own, it remained so far only assembled on a shelve. We had to be asked to paint a few Vanguard models (valiant space troopers fighting nano-tech horrors) to realize just how great those minis are. It’s not a surprise when you...


Deadzone is a futuristic skirmish game funded with Kickstarter, sharing the same universe than Dreadball. A few months back, I painted this single Marauder Mawbeast (a cute dog carrying a bomb, with a chainsaw instead of a tongue), eager to give that sci-fi beast the full rainbow-treatment – as I stated before,...

Rivet Wars

Rivet Wars is a war boardgame allowing you to relive the best moments of World War I, back when humans had gigantic heads and were warfaring on Mechanical Horses and Walking Robots. Well… simply put, the miniatures explore the under-represented Chibi genre with a steampunk vibe to it, which is quite refreshing. Allies Heroes...

Kingdom Death : Pinups of Death

Kingdom Death is pretty much the best you can find regarding quality of casting and attention to details in a miniature. You may not like their style – and by style I mean busty women, often busty monsters, or even monsters made of busts (and by busts I mean boobs), penis-shapes everywhere,...

Gandalf the Grey

The iconic Wizard, made in an afternoon to indulge our dear Games Workshop seller and paint supplier, eager to see us enter a small competition.

Dreadball Tabletop

A commission of pretty much everything-Dreadball, meaning 250+ miniatures.  The main challenge was to be efficient timely-speaking, but still give enough attention to a few selected details to make the models look engaging. The team themselves would fall under a “Tabletop” label, while the MVPs are more of an intermediary...

Room 25

A small afternoon to paint the 6 miniatures from Room 25, a boardgame in which you play 6 poor victims of a cruel Reality TV-Show, trying to escape from a labyrinth full of traps under the peeping toms that are the audience.

Mice & Mystics

Mice & Mystics is a delightfully colourful dungeon crawler where our usual warriors and healers are in fact… little mice, wielding little swords and bows. In place of monstrous trolls and blood sucking vampires, you fight – nonetheless monstrous – bugs and rats. An heart lightening paint ! Our first take...

Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot features nicely detailed Arthurian miniatures, from Round Table Knights to Excalibur, not forgetting Merlin.


Dreadball is a futuristic sports game. As I like to think, the future will be all flashy and ridiculous colors will be the new black. Hence our colorful take on most of the teams. A bit of customization on some teams, and magnetization between the bases and players.All identical players...


Zombicide is a highly popular zombie boardgame crowdfunded with Kickstarter. It features geek-references Survivors trying to make it through a zombie-infested board. Crowd of look-alike zombies would be a little dull. So we’ve green-stuffed most of the zombies to give them unique features, making them recognizable clichés. The whole lot...


With a beautiful and impressively detailed main gear, Tzolk’in is just begging for paint all over it. It aspires for colourful, bright painting, and once you started, you’ll be overwhelmed with new details you didn’t noticed. A long, precise, very different kind of miniature painting, but a very refreshing one ! Two different...

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a very popular game ; we painted it 5 times already ! And we have yet to own it ourselves… Characterful miniatures, interesting theme, cool game. What’s more to ask for ? We had the chance to try different things on the same minis. While our Sets I...

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica, the boardgame, let you experience a journey on board of the eponymous spaceship from the eponymous TV-Show. Comes with very tiny spaceships.

Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore is not your classic dungeon exploring party. Proud and muscular heroes, sexy sorceress and cunning thieves have been replaced for super-cute-explorers with big heads and giant eyes. Chibi all the way.